Wordless Wednesday: Coconut #2


See Coconut #1:


Cookbook Night

A night with the girls supporting Karen in her study quests:

Spot the mistake in this cookbook…           The pièce de résistance of the night, Karen’s Tiramilova. A cross between a pavlova and a tiramisu. Here’s a recipe I found for it: Just divine. Thanks everyone for a lovely night; it was great to see you all again.

The Queen, Cake, and Candles

Every year on The Queen’s Birthday we make a cake to celebrate her special day, and the girls sing “Happy Birthday dear Queen”. It’s always a mission to see how many decorations we can get on the cake. This year, it’s a rather restrained cake with only one candle and fewer decorations, although in a break with tradition the girls decided it needed to have bright yellow lemon icing.

I wonder if Her Majesty would approve of it? Of course, she’ll never have a chance to taste it as we demolish it pretty quickly on her behalf.


Sushi Train

In Japan it’s called kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) or sushi-go-round. In South Korea, it’s known as revolving sushi. It Australia and here in New Zealand, it’s known as a sushi train as the plates of sushi usually go around a track on the back of a train rather than the plates going around a conveyor belt. Our first visit to a sushi train (the Catch Sushi Bar in Wellington, which actually had a conveyor belt) was deemed a very successful visit, and at NZD43 for a family of three it was pretty good value.

You simply pick a plate with some sushi on it. Each plate had two or three pieces, a great way to sample various types of sushi, and each plate was coloured-coloured. We paid a price according to the colour of the plate and number of plates in front of us at the end of our dinner. We stuck with the cheap red-, green-, and blue-coloured plates.The cheapest being $2.80 and the expensive was about $6.30.

Mmmm, that one looks good….

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