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Beautiful Butterflies – Part II

Butterflies from the Butterfly House in Dunedin, New Zealand. Olivia’s favourite insect.¬†Here’s the link to last year’s photos: ¬†




Beautiful Butterflies

Discovery World Tropical Forest at the Otago museum has around 1,000 imported tropical butterflies. It was hot (for Dunedin), around 30 degrees celsuis (86 Farenheit), and very humid (about 80%). Poor Olivia found it a bit too much, although Hayley, Erica, Annabelle, and me perserved for as long as we could. The forest also includes a variety of tropical plants, but I was so busy looking at, and taking photos of, the beatiful butterflies that I failed to notice the coffee and cardamon plants! You would have thought I might have smelt them.

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what types of butterflies these ones are, but here’s a few of my favourite photographs that I took.

Shutter speed 1/60. F-stop f/4. ISO 400

Shutter speed 1/150. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/85. F-stop f/4. ISO 200

Shutter speed 1/85. F-stop f/5.6. ISO 400

Shutter speed 1/70. F-stop f/4. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/160. F-stop f/5.6. ISO 400

Shutter speed 1/120. F-stop f/4. ISO 200

Shutter speed 1/100. F-stop f/4. ISO 800

Shutter speed 1/70. F-stop f/4. ISO 200