Wordless Wednesday: Regret



Kea – “The Clown of the Mountains”

Kea are found in the South Island of New Zealand, and they’re the world’s only alpine parrot, also known as “the clown of the mountains”.

They are particularly inquisitive and cheeky; with a fondness of shiny objects such as car mirrors. The photo of the Kea sitting on the mirror of my car in Arthurs Pass had tried to grab a bag of chips out of the car.

There are only 1,000 to 5,000 kea left and they are listed as “At risk” . They nest on the ground in burrows and because of that are at risk from stoats and possums. Their trusting behaviour also makes them at threat from humans.

No, I didn’t use my zoom lense to take these photos. The keas just let me get very close to them.