Wordless Wednesday: Camp Fun



The Chicken Drumstick Rock at Castle Hill

Just down the road from Cave Stream ( is Castle Hill. I took some black and white photos back in January:

Olivia’s first visit here, and she decided this rock is a KFC chicken drumstick:


A hand with cut-off fingers maybe….

2013March28_CastleHill-1 2013March28_CastleHill-2 2013March28_CastleHill-3

2013March28_CastleHill-5 2013March28_CastleHill-8

View the full set of photos on my Flckr site:

Penguin Spotting at Motunau

A well known fishing spot north of Christchurch, Dean and I went to Motenau beach back in March twice at dusk to find some penguins. Neither of us had ever been there.

Motunau Island, which was once a whaling station, is now a nature reserve for some of New Zealand’s rarest birds, including the endangered white flippered penguin.  There are about 1,800 pairs of penguins on Motenau Island (access is restricted to Department of Conversation staff), and because the island is now overcrowded, DoC staff have moved some penguins to other areas and set up some breeding areas. We discovered that some nesting boxes have been set up on the nearby beach to encourage some of the penguins to go there, so we decided to visit in the hope of spotting a few…

The first thing we spotted were some guys on a stag night (Motenau Island is in the background):


It was such a beautiful beach at sunset, and the sun reflecting against the rocks and Island was stunning:


Walking further around the beach, we spotted lots of fossils and driftwood, including this hut:


Walking up and down the beach:


In the end, we didn’t see any penguins; just some nesting boxes. We’ll try again sometime during the next breeding season. Check out a few more photos of Motunau Beach on my Flickr site:

Lanterns in Hagley Park

I do love lights. Each year we go to the Chinese Lantern Festival. For the second year running it was held in Hagley Park; we were stuck in traffic for 30 mins with all the other thousands of people also wanting to go there. The paths were thronging with people of all ages, babies being pushed in prams, and dogs being walked by their owners; all who were wanting to get a good look at the lanterns lining the trees and the river. I figure the best time next year to visit will be later in the evening after 9.30 pm when the masses are starting to make their way home after having their full of Chinese food and before the festival finishes at around 10.30 pm.

You can click on each of these photos to see them larger on your screen:





Check this post for photos from the 2012 Chinese Lantern Festival:

I’ve recently set up a Flickr account to backup my photos online. I’ve put the rest of my photos from the evening here if you want to view a few more: