Wordless Wednesday: Sammy



Orana Park – Hayley

Credit for these photos goes to Hayley. Taken on a class trip to Orana Park after a classmate had won a poster competition advertising the new gorilla enclosure.

More photos at:

Simple Pleasures

We found this rope swing when we were biking around the red zone. We did ask ourselves if whoever put the swing up over the willow tree still lives nearby, or has their house been demolished? Do they come back to the river to have a swing? Perhaps, the swing has been there for several years giving all the children who live nearby hours of pleasure. So simple, but so awesome to see something in the red zone still bringing pleasure to all those who swing on it.

Somehow, I managed to not be behind the camera for a change.

Cookbook Night

A night with the girls supporting Karen in her study quests:

Spot the mistake in this cookbook…           The pièce de résistance of the night, Karen’s Tiramilova. A cross between a pavlova and a tiramisu. Here’s a recipe I found for it: Just divine. Thanks everyone for a lovely night; it was great to see you all again.

A Day to Remember

Shutter speed 1/250. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/200. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 200

Shutter speed 1/210. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 400

Shutter speed 1/125. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/105. F-stop f/4. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/350. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/340. F-stop f/3 ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/640. F-stop f/6.4. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/125. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/450. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 800

Shutter speed 1/58. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/50. ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/140. ISO 00

Shutter speed 1/38. F-stop f/3.2. ISO 100

A private joke….Looks like the two Liams may be practising for when they’re old enough to go down to the local for a pint and a gossip.

Shutter speed 1/140. ISO 400

Shutter speed 1/150. ISO 100

Finally, the men are doing the dishes….

Shutter speed 1/75. F-stop f/4. ISO 800

Shutter speed 1/85. ISO 400

Lost in the Maize

Let’s hope no-one jumps out at us…

Shutter speed 1/800. f-stop f/8. ISO 400.

I reckon we go this way….

Shutter speed 1/800. f-stop f/8. ISO 400.

No, I want to go that way…

Shutter speed 1/900. f-stop f/7.1. ISO 400.

Aah, here’s a clue…

Shutter speed 1/1000. f-stop f/8. ISO 400.

I’m feeling a bit lost…

Shutter speed 1/1000. f-stop f/5. ISO 400.

All together. The boys won the world record of getting through the maze in 12 minutes flat! The girls were more methodical and careful and got more questions right! Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Shutter speed 1/1500. f-stop f/8. ISO 400.