Wordless Wednesday: Iron Lung



2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Iron Lung

  1. I nursed a woman in an iron lung in the eighties, the last in Australia to my knowledge. She had been living in it since the late fifties.When she was well she could be out for periods during the day when she was awake but spent every night in it and never very far from it. When I looked after her she would have been in her fifties. Imagine living that length of time in a box. She had reached a point where she was getting a huge number of lung infections and she would be transported up from the geriatric unit (where she normally resided) to where I worked in Intensive Care. It was a great experience having hands on with an iron lung and an even better experience when we managed to fine tune things and with modern ventilation modes managed to find one suitable and portable and for the first time in years she had a trip to a shopping mall. Her amazement and joy was overwhelming. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. 30 years. Wow. I couldn’t imagine being in one of these contraptions. Luckily for us the technology is improving all the time. How delightful that she managed a trip to the shopping mall. Thanks for sharing your memories ­čÖé

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