Pathblocker or Personal Greeter?

On our recent trip to Dunedin I took the girls to Allans Beach as I had read that it was abundant with wildlife, particularly sea lions and penguins.

We didn’t expect to be greeted at the entrance of the beach with our own personal greeter blocking our path. This sea lion was huge; the biggest I’ve seen, and seemed to quite enjoy trying to intimidate us by waddling towards us, stopping, and starting again. He did that three times, and each time, we started back tracking. After a while, he decided to turn around and go for a walk on the beach instead. You can click on each of these photos to see how big he was…




One of the juvenile sea lions we saw:


This bird is a variable oyster catcher. There were four of them and they were quite noisy. Check out his bright red eyes.

We unfortunately had no luck spotting a penguin.


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