Wooden posts and sharks

St Clair beach in Dunedin; a stunningly beautiful beach perfect for windsurfing. Although the weather in the morning was beautiful and warm by the time we visited the beach in the afternoon, black clouds started to threaten us from above. We did manage a quick walk down the east end of the beach so I could take these photos.

The waves were much too rough to go swimming with water regularly splashing, as the tide was incoming, above the steps that lead from the boardwalk down to the beach. Instead, we took ourselves west to the 28 degree celsius hot salt water outdoor swimming pool, nestled in the rocks at the end of the beach. The pool was first opened in 1884 and heating was added during the 1960s. As we were swimming in the hot water, waves were regularly crashing into the rocks with the surf being thrown against the sides of the pool.

These much photographed wooden posts on the beach are the remains of an old breakwater.

The girls asked me why there was a shark warning bell at the beach and what would they do if they heard it while swimming. Get out as fast as you can would be very good. Luckily we didn’t need to test how fast we could get out of the water.


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