Wild Banana Passionfruit – Unwanted Organism

Passiflora tripartita. Also known as Northern Banana Passionfruit.

So, I’ve never heard of, or seen, a banana passionfruit before. That is until the other day. They look just as you would expect like a small banana. It was someone here in New Zealand that gave it its name. According to the DoC website, it’s legal status in New Zealand is “Unwanted Organism”. We found these growing wild (can’t tell you where) and they do taste rather delicious. Similar to the common black ones you find in the supermarket, but sweeter, juicier, and they had yellow/orange rather than orange/purple pulp.

They thrive here and are an invasive species as they can smother forest margins and forest regrowth. It is illegal to sell, cultivate, and distribute the plants. Just as well we ate them all ourselves. Maybe I should have disguised our faces in the photos.

This first one is technically not my photo, but I did ask for it to be taken.

Shutter speed 1/80. F-stop f/5.6. ISO 400 – Canon EOS Kiss X4

Shutter speed 1/75. F-stop f/4.5. ISO 100

Sitting on the road, as you do.

Shutter speed 1/160. F-stop f/3.6. ISO 100


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